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Currently simulating 927 airlines over 1113 cities on 6 continents
Cyber Airlines is one of the most popular free browser-based airline simulation game on the Internet. Create an airline and decide how you want to run it by choosing what aircraft you want to purchase and where you want to fly. Build your airline by purchasing or leasing more aircraft, purchasing hubs around the world and purchasing improvements for your airline.

You can purchase cargo aircraft or passengers aircraft. Passengers aircraft will carry passengers and cargo on board, cargo aircraft can carry only cargo on board the aircraft.
Fly your aicraft all around the world and try to find the best route that will give you the most revenue at the end.

Cyber Airlines is a free and fun game that has no ending. For more information about Cyber Airlines please visit our Forums.

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Airline News
DC-9-40 FOR SALE!!!! Posted On: http://www.AmericanGatewayAir.com
News DC-9-40
Chicago (ORD)
Awesome passenger aircraft and always reliable!

30,900,000 - asking price
Pm me if you have any questions

| American Gateway Air | 27/04/15 23:32:33 |

code share Posted On: http://www.PacificAirService.com
News Currently looking for a code share. 17.5 rating.

| Pacific Air Service | 27/04/15 22:31:46 |

TorontoStar Report April 27 2015 Posted On: http://www.CanadaJetlines.com
News The brand-new low-cost airline Canada Jetlines, commonly just Jetlines has the right idea, but is it being executed correctly? Airline Vice-President Brad Thompson confirmed that the airline owed 5.46 million dollars from loans and is in financial tr....

Read More

| Canada Jetlines | 27/04/15 18:23:51 |

2 ATR 72Fs for sale Posted On: http://www.BritishWorldwideAirways.com
News In line with the expansion plans 2 ATR72Fs are being sold.

#389536 335,279km 675hours £10,500,000 Regually Serviced
#393770 159,763km 321hours £11,000,000 Owned from New

These are excellent money earners for....

Read More

| British Worldwide Airways | 27/04/15 17:08:10 |

Expansion Plans Posted On: http://www.BritishWorldwideAirways.com
News BWA is pleased to announce that it will shortly be upgrading its cargo fleet to medium range aircraft. Consequently, the current fleet of ATR 72Fs and 42Fs will be sold in the coming days (the An-12 will be retained). The money from this and the comp....

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| British Worldwide Airways | 27/04/15 16:58:32 |

AlitaliaOne Posted On: http://www.AlitaliaOne.com
News AlitaliaOne partner of OneSkyAlliance, codesharing with Husna Airlines is glad to present its routes for EXPO.

Shuttle for Milano MXP will be avaiable. Our Hub is set in Rome. Airlines who want to sign a codeshare code for our flights....

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| AlitaliaOne | 27/04/15 13:37:33 |

BUYING your AIRCRAFT Fasssst... JOIN NOW! Posted On: http://www.DaviesAir.com
News Are you waiting and waiting to sell your OLD AIRCRAFT? And it takes you forever to sell them? In the end, you scrap them? DON'T WAIT! Join ONE SKY ALLIANCE and we will BUY. The only Alliance with $12B USD for IN-HOUSE AIRCRAFT BUYING PR....

Read More

| Davies Air | 27/04/15 13:20:25 |

BUYING your AIRCRAFT Fasssst... JOIN NOW! Posted On: http://www.OurWorldAirlines.com
News Are you waiting and waiting to sell your OLD AIRCRAFT? And it takes you forever to sell them? In the end, you scrap them? DON'T WAIT! Join ONE SKY ALLIANCE and we will BUY. The only Alliance with $12B USD for IN-HOUSE AIRCRAFT BUYING PROGRAM (",)

| OurWorld Airlines | 27/04/15 12:26:49 |

May 1, 2015: SOUTH AMERICA CC & CCE Tour Posted On: http://www.OurWorldAirlines.com
News Alliance isn't numbers, nor popularity, wealthy or poor, old or new; neither a propaganda. Alliance is SERVICE and what it can do for you. Join ONE SKY ALLIANCE, and experience the best of CA life (",)

| OurWorld Airlines | 27/04/15 12:26:45 |

Join ONE SKY ALLIANCE, the Alliance you can TRUST! Posted On: http://www.OurWorldAirlines.com
News 1) You get 102+3 Top Airports FREE! 2) Get 10% DISCOUNT in all AIRCRAFT PURCHASE. 3) 10-20% FUEL HELP to ALL MEMBERS. 4) 10-25% Discount on AIRCRAFT REPAIRS. 5) AIRLINE-NANNY PROGRAM. 6) The only ALLIANCE with Proven AIRCRAFT IN-HOUSE BUYING PROGRAM.....

Read More

| OurWorld Airlines | 27/04/15 12:26:42 |

Emergency aid Posted On: http://www.aerlinnnteeireann.com
News Our Boeing 767-300F is en-route to Kathamandu in Nepal via Tel Aviv, bringing aid to the people affected by the earth quake. The plane is carrying food, water and medical supplies among others.

| Aer Línnte Éireann | 27/04/15 12:01:47 |

Aircraft Fleet Overhaul Posted On: http://www.FlyMoloToday.net
News ALL long range aircraft are in the market including: A330-200, A330-300, B747 LCF, IL96-300, IL 62M. Already, our codeshare, Royal Connecting Airlines, has bought one of 747 LCFs!
FlyMolo, Flying to the Future

| FlyMolo | 27/04/15 09:33:55 |

Codeshare Posted On: http://www.JetAir.com
News I am in need of a codeshare please pm me.

| Jet Air | 27/04/15 08:28:09 |

Aircraft Posted On: http://www.SkyBlue.com
News We are selling our state of the art Boeing 737-200 advanced for $26,000,000. It is a great aircraft with barely over 100,000 km on it. Also a Yak-40 for only $5,600,000 and it's barely over 50,000km. Buy Now!!

| SkyBlue | 27/04/15 07:58:55 |

Nepal Earthquake Posted On: http://www.httplondonairways.com
News In around 8 hours the first of three cargo aircraft will arrive in Kathmandu-Nepal delivering essential aid to the people worst affected. This is an Airbus A380F and is being closely followed by two An-225's

| London Airways | 27/04/15 05:47:59 |

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