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Currently simulating 862 airlines over 1113 cities on 6 continents
Cyber Airlines is one of the most popular free browser-based airline simulation game on the Internet. Create an airline and decide how you want to run it by choosing what aircraft you want to purchase and where you want to fly. Build your airline by purchasing or leasing more aircraft, purchasing hubs around the world and purchasing improvements for your airline.

You can purchase cargo aircraft or passengers aircraft. Passengers aircraft will carry passengers and cargo on board, cargo aircraft can carry only cargo on board the aircraft.
Fly your aicraft all around the world and try to find the best route that will give you the most revenue at the end.

Cyber Airlines is a free and fun game that has no ending. For more information about Cyber Airlines please visit our Forums.

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Airline News
Aircraft For Sale Posted On: http://www.DeathbatAir.com
News We are currently selling a ATR 42F at a very good price with low KM and flight hours, it is perfect for new airlines.


| DeathbatAir | 04/08/15 06:42:45 |

Been there, done that Posted On: http://www.flyroyal.com
News Royal Connecting Airlines is pleased to announce that we have finished the South American Continental Challenge and Continental Challenge Extreme. We have collected our fee of 154.500.000 for this. All this is possible with the help of One Sky Allia....

Read More

| Royal Connecting Airlines | 04/08/15 06:22:09 |

AirXpress Alliance Posted On: http://www.QPAirlines.com
News We offer 1% Collections and 10% Fuel help.

We have 102 slots, both Alliance Discounts and we would be honored if you would come fly with us.

So come and join us today. We\'re on page 1

| QP Airlines | 03/08/15 18:21:03 |

Economic Woes Posted On: http://www.Qantas.com
News Our share value has recovered from the sharp downturn experienced last week, starting the week at $127.35

| Qantas | 03/08/15 15:39:32 |

Alliance! Posted On: http://www.Airrendyk.com
News Do you consider yourself a legend, join the Flying Dutchmen alliance, the alliance for flying legends!
Your benefits:
Everyone gets 1% collection and 10% fuel help. We have our own forum. We change VGM every month. We speak different la....

Read More

| Air rendyk | 03/08/15 13:44:44 |

Reestructuramos Operaciones en Suramerica Posted On: http://www.SURAMERICANA.com
News Reformulamos nuestras rutas para servir con toda nuestra flota destinos dentro de sur america

| SURAMERICANA | 03/08/15 12:31:21 |

Important Notice Posted On: http://www.BritishAirwaysInternational.com
News British Airways International will be suspending ALL operations out of London Gatwick Until Friday.

All passengers have been transferred to services provided by our codeshare partners.

Please note this is only a tempo....

Read More

| British Airways International | 03/08/15 11:59:51 |

New Route! Posted On: http://www.airpenn.com
News Air Pennsylvania has new passenger service to London!

PEN117 - PHL to LHR - B752
PEN118 - LHR to PHL - B752

| Air Pennsylvania | 03/08/15 10:47:14 |

News We are very happy to announce that we have signed a code share deal between British Airways International & Air Asia Zest between MANILA-LONDON Gatwick.
Air Asia Zest from Philippines to World! Now Everyone Flies1

| AIR ASIA ZEST | 03/08/15 08:30:34 |

Selling a310-200F Posted On: http://www.ElutherianAirline.com
News See the market for more information (35million)

| Elutherian Airline | 03/08/15 05:12:42 |

Shares have gone public! Posted On: http://www.ElutherianAirline.com
News ---

| Elutherian Airline | 02/08/15 15:41:38 |

For Sale 2 ATR 42F Posted On: http://www.CurtissAir.com
News Plane: ATR 42F
Location: New York (JFK) or Send Message to be Delivered to Desired Location
Condition: 100.00%
Price: 6,000,000

| Curtiss Air | 02/08/15 13:29:05 |

Bmibaby Posted On: http://www.Bmibaby.com
News Bmibaby is now connecting Eastmidlands and London Luton to

Spain,France,Romania,Hungary,Denmark,Greece,Malta,Ireland,Italy,Poland and more1

Join us, join the fun!

| Bmibaby | 02/08/15 13:16:52 |

Re-Branding! Posted On: http://www.SpeedyAir.com
News SpeedyAir, the low cost carrier, is looking to invest in rebranding - with a new logo and a new livery - if anyone would be interested in creating those for us - please PM me! - Thanks, - SpeedyAir, getting you there for a cheap fare

| SpeedyAir | 02/08/15 11:07:05 |

New Aircraft Posted On: http://www.Bmibaby.com
News Bmibaby has ordered a Brand New Boeing 737-800 to be delivered in the next few weeks and to be Based at our HQ Eastmidlands.

We have also bought a new Boeing 737-200adv to be based at our Hub London Luton.

Tiny Fares.

| Bmibaby | 02/08/15 10:11:18 |

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