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Currently simulating 878 airlines over 1113 cities on 6 continents
Cyber Airlines is one of the most popular free browser-based airline simulation game on the Internet. Create an airline and decide how you want to run it by choosing what aircraft you want to purchase and where you want to fly. Build your airline by purchasing or leasing more aircraft, purchasing hubs around the world and purchasing improvements for your airline.

You can purchase cargo aircraft or passengers aircraft. Passengers aircraft will carry passengers and cargo on board, cargo aircraft can carry only cargo on board the aircraft.
Fly your aicraft all around the world and try to find the best route that will give you the most revenue at the end.

Cyber Airlines is a free and fun game that has no ending. For more information about Cyber Airlines please visit our Forums.

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Airline News
Fleet Acquisitions Posted On: http://www.FedEx.com
News Fedex Express is very pleased to announce the acquisition of 6 new ATR-42F's to their fleet. These aircraft should serve us well during our initial growth phase.

| Fedex Express | 25/05/15 19:12:39 |

Open For Business Posted On: http://www.FedEx.com
News We are pleased to announce that Fedex Express has commenced operations, and has chosen to join the Open Skies Alliance.

| Fedex Express | 25/05/15 18:59:27 |

Sold ATR 42F's and Leased MD-11F and Boeing 777F Posted On: http://www.RadiantAirlines.com
News We would like to inform the public that we have sold both of our ATR 42F's. This is great news for us as their selling has freed up some of our slots. With the free space, we have leased a new McDonnell Douglas MD-11F and a new Boeing 777F. These pla....

Read More

| Radiant Airlines | 25/05/15 18:19:41 |

One Sky Alliance Posted On: http://www.AlitaliaOne.com
News Alliance is not numbers, nor popularity, wealthy or poor, old or new; neither a propaganda. Alliance is SERVICE and what it can do for you. 1st, you get 102+3 FREE SLOTS ASAP! 2nd, you get 10% DISCOUNT when you buy any AIRCRAFT. 3rd, 10-20% FUEL HEL....

Read More

| AlitaliaOne | 25/05/15 17:16:37 |

Whole Flert on Sale!!! Posted On: http://www.AirIndiaInternational.com
News Hi. I'm selling my whole fleet which includes: 1 A300/300F, MD-90, B777-300, 1 B767-300, B757-200F, 2 B787-8, 2 E-190, 2 B777F, 2 B727-200, 7 A321, 2 CRJ-700, 4 B747-8F, 2 A330-300.

Air India

| Air India International | 25/05/15 17:04:44 |

Website Posted On: http://www.SkyBlue.com
News I am interested in having an off game website for my airline. If anyone is interested in making and developing the website please contact me.
Thanks, SkyBlue.

| SkyBlue | 25/05/15 12:11:15 |

Brand new aircraft Posted On: http://www.ArmaviaMedellin.com
News Today the first of 6 brand new IL-96-400 passenger plane acquired by Armavia Medellín is about to land on José María Córdova International Airport. It is undergoing inspection and tests before it is formally accepted. COO: J. Londoño

| Armavia Medellin | 25/05/15 11:58:25 |

Looking for codeshare Posted On: http://www.airnewengland.com
News If there are any larger airlines looking to start a codeshare, please PM me as I am looking to be involved in one.

| Air New England | 25/05/15 09:55:31 |

shares Posted On: http://www.continentalairlines.com
News Daily share value: $5.29 ^0,02

| continental airlines | 25/05/15 06:34:16 |

codes are to share Posted On: http://www.continentalairlines.com
News continental airlines is looking for a codeshare

-hub: Chicago ORD
-Airplanes 7 + 1 waiting to be sold
-public airline
-daily revenue up to $150,000
-Alliance United wings global (no change)
-contact s....

Read More

| continental airlines | 25/05/15 06:31:32 |

Second Bombardier CS100ER Posted On: http://www.Pobeda.com
News on route Moscow - Irkutsk - Moscow.
Departures every day from Moscow

| Pobeda | 25/05/15 03:35:49 |

Hurry! Posted On: http://www.exoticair.com
News 402,500 shares available for purchase. Invest now and see your money growing day by day. Hurry before our share value rises.

Fly beyond!

| Exotic Airlines | 25/05/15 01:35:27 |

New Beechcraft 1900D and Rating of 90 Posted On: http://www.RadiantAirlines.com
News We are extremely happy to announce that we have reached a rating point of 90. We are becoming larger and larger every day and will soon be at a rating of 100. To celebrate this event, we are going to be buying a new Beechcraft 1900D. It will be based....

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| Radiant Airlines | 24/05/15 17:51:31 |

Selling Another ATR 42F Posted On: http://www.RadiantAirlines.com
News We would like to let everyone know that we are selling our other ATR 42F. This plane has earned a lot of money for the airline and is very reliable. At its listing price, it is definitely a bargain. This aircraft is perfect for all airlines and is a ....

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| Radiant Airlines | 24/05/15 17:28:19 |

Boeing 707-120B Posted On: http://www.JetAir.com
News Selling a Boeing 707-120B

| Jet Air | 24/05/15 17:06:40 |

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