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Currently simulating 972 airlines over 1112 cities on 6 continents
Cyber Airlines is one of the most popular free browser-based airline simulation game on the Internet. Create an airline and decide how you want to run it by choosing what aircraft you want to purchase and where you want to fly. Build your airline by purchasing or leasing more aircraft, purchasing hubs around the world and purchasing improvements for your airline.

You can purchase cargo aircraft or passengers aircraft. Passengers aircraft will carry passengers and cargo on board, cargo aircraft can carry only cargo on board the aircraft.
Fly your aicraft all around the world and try to find the best route that will give you the most revenue at the end.

Cyber Airlines is a free and fun game that has no ending. For more information about Cyber Airlines please visit our Forums.

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Airline News
Children Airlines First Lounge Posted On: http://www.ChildrenAirlines.com
News Children Airlines has started its first Business class lounge in Toronto, this lounge is accessible if your in business class with Children Airlines. It is also accessible if you are an elite with One sky Alliance. So book Children Airlines and gain ....

Read More

| Children Airlines | 29/08/14 15:38:29 |

vola con noi Posted On: http://www.dk999.com
News prezzi convenienti

| dk999 | 29/08/14 15:16:39 |

Be our helper Posted On: http://www.ana.com
News ANA is an emerging airline in this industry. Help us with a codeshare.

| All Nippon Airways | 29/08/14 14:02:17 |

Good Deal Posted On: http://www.AirFranceKLM.com
News //Embraer 190// selling for 25 Million (2 million less than value.)

//Fokker 70// selling for 17 Million (2 million less than value.)

Both situated in Europe, and have about 60 000KM, which is VERY LOW.


Read More

| Air France KLM | 29/08/14 11:58:35 |

Shanghai Airlines (上海航空公司) - One Sky Alliance Posted On: http://www.shanghai-air.com
News Shanghai Airlines (上海航空公司) is officially welcomed as a member of One Sky Alliance.

One Sky Alliance is the world's largest global airline alliance, headquartered in Manila, Philippines, and led....

Read More

| SHANGHAI AIRLINES | 29/08/14 10:58:09 |

New livery Posted On: http://www.flyroyal.com
News Royal Connecting Airlines is proud to unveil itīs new livery on itīs new A380 aircraft.

Many thanks to itīs designer ajb1967, a proud member of One Sky Alliance


| Royal Connecting Airlines | 29/08/14 10:52:10 |

Shanghai Airlines (上海航空公司) - First Flight Posted On: http://www.shanghai-air.com
News Shanghai Airlines (上海航空公司) is proud to announce our first flight in service. We are currently operating cargo routes to and from Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Watch us as we grow to be....

Read More

| SHANGHAI AIRLINES | 29/08/14 10:34:15 |

Fleet Posted On: http://www.ScotJet.com
News ScotJet has a new fleet
(2) Boeing 777-200LR
(1) Boeing 777-300ER
(2) Airbus A310
Liveries and logo are to come as well as our very own website

| ScotJet | 29/08/14 08:07:32 |

One sky Posted On: http://www.ScotJet.com
News Join one sky alliance
The perfect alliance for all causes
I hope to start making liveries for airlines alliances
Over 800 million dollars has been spent by our GM on ScotJet alone

| ScotJet | 29/08/14 07:57:56 |

Aircraft for sale Posted On: http://www.gbairlines.com
News We have an ATR42F for sale.Good quick money maker.

| GB Airlines | 29/08/14 06:16:41 |

Codeshare offered! Posted On: http://www.samsonair.org
News I'm looking for an emerging airline to codeshare with. I have a rating of over 4,800 and can offer valuable financial assistance to those who need a little extra help.
PM me if you're interested.


| Samson Air Cargo | 29/08/14 04:12:04 |

FLY DUBAI REACHES ONE RATING POINT. Posted On: http://www.FlyDubai.com
News We are proud to announce that fly dubai has reached one rating point!

| Fly Dubai | 29/08/14 04:09:58 |

Mitsubishi MRJ70 For Sale Posted On: http://www.RyanAir.com
News RyanAir is selling a very low-mileage Mitsubishi MRJ70 for Just under $18m! This aircraft has just over 56,000KM logged,and just under 70 flight hours! The Aircraft is located in Dublin (DUB).

| RyanAir | 28/08/14 22:56:42 |

Volunteer needed for codeshare! Posted On: http://www.RedCrossInternational.com
News The Red Cross International committee is currently in search of an airline to help with codesharing. We are active, and role play the part of a real airline and are looking for the sam in our codesharing partner. Please message me if you would like t....

Read More

| Red Cross International | 28/08/14 22:05:57 |

Thank you One Sky Alliance! Posted On: http://www.CFAir.com
News One Sky Alliance has just purchased my An-12.

The aircraft buying program is only one of the great things that One Sky Alliance does for you!

| CF Air | 28/08/14 19:57:19 |

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