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Currently simulating 866 airlines over 1112 cities on 6 continents
Cyber Airlines is one of the most popular free browser-based airline simulation game on the Internet. Create an airline and decide how you want to run it by choosing what aircraft you want to purchase and where you want to fly. Build your airline by purchasing or leasing more aircraft, purchasing hubs around the world and purchasing improvements for your airline.

You can purchase cargo aircraft or passengers aircraft. Passengers aircraft will carry passengers and cargo on board, cargo aircraft can carry only cargo on board the aircraft.
Fly your aicraft all around the world and try to find the best route that will give you the most revenue at the end.

Cyber Airlines is a free and fun game that has no ending. For more information about Cyber Airlines please visit our Forums.

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Airline News
:) Posted On: http://www.DaviesAir.com
News Since Takeing over Davies Air We have raised the cargo flights upto 31 we are hopeing to raise that agen to 50 Thank u for everyone who has supported us

| Davies Air | 31/03/15 19:43:09 |

Lease Extension Posted On: http://www.Hollandia.com
News Our ATR 72F lease contract has been extended to May 1, 2015.

| Hollandia | 31/03/15 19:30:27 |

Selling an ERJ-145 Posted On: http://www.JetAir.com
News Please buy my ERJ-145

| Jet Air | 31/03/15 17:23:34 |

:) Posted On: http://www.DaviesAir.com
News Davies Air Cargo Is booming we have done 25 flights today All staff have recvived a bonus for there efforts

| Davies Air | 31/03/15 16:14:55 |

Aircraft for Sale Posted On: http://www.airTranAirways.com
News airTran Airways McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 San Francisco (SFO)
United States - North America 50,895 KM
(Condition: 100.00%)
(Flight Hours: 56) 24/03/15 08:02:39 $66,423,658

airTran Airways Saab 2000 Fort Myers (R....

Read More

| airTran Airways | 31/03/15 12:31:56 |

Looking to buy Posted On: http://www.DaviesAir.com
News Davies Air Is Looking into starting passanger route agen we are looking to buy a passager plane and get a new route started stright away :)

| Davies Air | 31/03/15 12:31:52 |

News for Passengers and Fellow airlines Posted On: http://www.EagleInternational.com
News Eagle International has bought a fresh, new, A350-800 off the market. The aircraft will be painted for fit with Easter coming up. Our cargo aircraft will also be painted. No service disruptions as the A340 will take care of delays.

| Eagle International | 31/03/15 11:29:17 |

Fleet upgrades Posted On: http://www.aerlinnnteeireann.com
News Due to sensational demand we have had to upgrade our Transatlantic fleet. Ou Boeing 737-600 has been replaced with an Airbus A318 and our CS100ER will now serve Montreal not Newark and the A318 will serve Newark. Also our A310-200F has been replace....

Read More

| Aer Línnte Éireann | 31/03/15 11:18:06 |

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Posted On: http://www.aerlinnnteeireann.com
News For all passengers travelling to Newark and Montreal;
Passengers for Newark on flight EI160: You must clear US Customs and Immigration in Shannon prior to departure, and must do so at least 40 minutes before boarding begins.

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| Aer Línnte Éireann | 31/03/15 07:26:02 |

VLAs! (Airbus 380 and An-225) Posted On: http://www.FlyMoloToday.net
News Thanks to One Sky's buyout program, FlyMolo was able to acquire three large planes. 1 An-225, which will serve trans-Atlantic routes, and 1 Airbus 380-800, supplied by Air Flanders, which will serve TPE-PHX unless otherwise noted. And our A380-800F w....

Read More

| FlyMolo | 31/03/15 07:18:17 |

Fly with us. Posted On: http://www.Airrendyk.com
News Join the Flying Dutchmen alliance! We are a fast growing alliance. More benefits. More destinations, choose one.
Help with create airline logo.

| Air rendyk | 31/03/15 07:05:44 |

Improvement Posted On: http://www.ArmaviaMedellin.com
News Armavia Medellin is proud to announce the purchase of a new Cooling Units improvement. We expect an increasing of 10% in the transportation value.

CIO: A. Zapata

| Armavia Medellin | 31/03/15 05:28:47 |

Ny passager-rute til Island Posted On: http://www.Kgl.DanskeLuftfartsselskab.com
News Hos det Kgl. Danske Luftfartselskab er vi stolte over at kunne sige, at vi er i vækst. Derfor vil vi i de kommende uger og måneder udvide vores service til også at omfatte mellemdistance-ruter. I første omgang har vi udvidet vores Grønlandsfly-afdeli....

Read More

| Kgl. Danske Luftfartsselskab | 31/03/15 01:22:30 |

Newly Bought Boeing 757-200F Posted On: http://www.RadiantAirlines.com
News We are rapidly expanding and have just purchased a gently used Boeing 757-200F from our codeshare partner, CrimsonAir, through an auction. This plane is our 10th aircraft and will help our other 757-200F to serve our European and American routes. It ....

Read More

| Radiant Airlines | 31/03/15 00:38:55 |

NEW LEASING Posted On: http://www.ArmaviaMedellin.com
News Armavia Medellín just canceled the leasing of 3 X A-300F and we just leased 3 x An-124 to schedule trips Medellín-Holguín-Medellín.

COO: J. Londoño

| Armavia Medellin | 30/03/15 22:40:57 |

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